Where can I find a copy of the current deed restrictions?

HOME SALES / DEED RESTRICTIONS: HOMEOWNERS are responsible for providing their listing agent with a current copy of our Deed Restrictions. However, they are available here in the Documents section for the public to view and selling agents/buyers have access to them. Despite our HOA being voluntary, our Deed Restrictions are strictly enforced. Please read them carefully prior to purchasing a home in our community.

How much are annual HOA dues?

We strive to keep our annual HOA dues low. Our current annual price for 2022 is $70.00. This fee supports our community maintenance fees, repairs, and community events.

How can I get involved with the HOA board?

We welcome new members and can always use your help! There are a variety of ways to become active within the HOA family. If you are interested, please send us an email [email protected]. The time commitment is up to you. We will work together to find what works well for you.

Do you need to update your contact information?

We are working to ensure all names, phone numbers and emails are up to date for each home. If you need to update your contact information, please contact us through email or our Facebook page.